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Treasures of Stow’s Attic

The Society is also actively involved in the collection, cataloguing and documentation of historical data and artifacts related to Stow. Some of these items are on display in the Historical Museum in Randall Library; the rest of the collection is now in the Town Vault, one of the finest vaults in the area. The historical collection is overseen by the Town Clerk assisted by the town-appointed Ancient Documents Committee, all members of the society. These archivists work with maps, photos, genealogical records, special collections and other data dating to 1669.

Highlights of the town’s archival collection were detailed in the 2009 town Annual Report, “Treasures of Stow’s Attic.” For many years, the Society took responsibility for the covers of Stow Annual Reports, detailing matters as diverse as historic barns in the town and development of the butternut squash at the Leggett farm on Gleasondale road.

2009 Cover

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